Three sweet dumplings on a plate

Purpose of This Site

The purpose of this site is to provide information from a Japanese point of view to travelers from overseas who would like to visit Japan or ones who have been to Japan and would like to have different experiences when visiting next time.

Features of This Site

This site offers “Must Try” suggestions on places to visit, things to experience, and foods to eat. We do not merely offer suggestions, but also briefly explain the reasons to suggestions and cultural background behind them.

Therefore, the site is composed of a wide variety of information including sightseeing information, food information, information for cultural understanding and other useful information for your trip. Some of the articles also include recipe information so that you can try the taste of Japan at home after returning from your trip.

For those who are interested in the Japanese language and would like to read the articles in Japanese, I have also created pages in Japanese for those who are interested in.

I would be very happy if this site is useful for travelers from overseas and helps to promote understanding of Japanese culture.